Modern CAD software offers a lot of tools to check your design during it’s development process. SolidWorks offers a lot of plugins like “Simulation” to test mechanical properties, “Visualize” allows you to make photorealistic renders and “Routing” can be used to make a complete plan for electrical wiring, pneumatic and hydraulic tubing and so on. Even with all these tools it is still important to make physical prototypes of the product during it’s development.

 An early prototype or sample can improve the quality and reduce the overall time of the design and product development process. With a physical example it is immediately clear what the design will look like in reality and what the points of improvements are.  Furthermore, sampling and prototyping is a good way to test experimental manufacturing methods.

Why Pilot Engineering?

  • 3D printing: Advanced FDM print service for a physical sample of the design
  • Close contact with the customer
  • Designed for manufacturing from the start,ensuring that the product is easy and cheap to make
  • Small scale prototyping and sampling, to improve the quality and reduce the overall time of the product development process
  • Reliable manufacturing partners for prototyping or final production
  • SolidWorks 2019 Premium CAD & CAM software
  • Flexible hours and communication and short lead time
  • Innovative experimental manufacturing