My name is Stefan Oosterwold. I started my business "Pilot Engineering" in 2013, back then I was still in college for my bachelor industrial engineering and management.

I started the business with the intention to design and manufacture drones on a smallĀ scale. In the following years I accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience and expanded my workshop in size and available tools and machines. In those years I also expanded the scope of my business from a specialisation in drones to general product design with a focus on mechanical engineering.

I noticed in those years that my list of product ideas and improvements kept growing and I had nowhere near the time and money available to realise them.

Because of that I decided in 2016 to focus on designing products, processes, machines andĀ  coming up with smart solutions for other companies. In 2017 I started the Youtube channel Stef's Engineering to be able to share cool projects with the massive "maker" community, as a "thank you" for all the things I learned from others on youtube and as a portfolio for future customers.

This website is the next step for my business, it gives easy access to my products and files and a clear picture of what I have to offer.

Interested in my services? Feel free to contact me by email or with the contact form on this website.