Pilot Engineering now offers 3D printing services for customers within Europe.

Pilot Engineering uses FDM 3D printers. These printers offer high quality prints at a low cost. Underneath here you can see a couple examples where 3D printed parts can be used, and offer an excellent alternative to conventional production methods.

3D printed prototypes are an important tool during product development. It allows you to notice design issues that are difficult to spot in a digital design, early in the development process.

This is an example of several parts of a prototype drone. The printed parts are easy and quick to manufacture and allow a cheap test fit. In this case the material costs are reduced by more than 2000% (in comparison to the carbon fiber that will be used in the final product)

Pricing and Additional Information for Prototyping

3D printing is not only usefull in a product development process but can also be used for practical parts that can be put to use straight of the printer.

A nice example of a printed part with a practical use can be seen on the picture left. This is a mounting bracket that allows me to place my phone at the ideal height for navigation and traffic information on my motorcycle.

Pricing and Additional Information for Practical Prints

During sales meetings with potential customers, a scale model of the offered product can be a valuable tool. Products are often too large, heavy or inconvenient to bring to a sales meeting, and because of that in most cases pictures or videos are used.

On this picture you can see a scale model of a gasturbine. This model allows you to show the product in a lot of detail and key internal components. Something that is obviously impossible with a real turbine.

Pricing and Additional Information for Scale Models