Improve your prints with 3D printer support

Although it is a lot of fun to make and develop things with a 3D printer, it can be very frustrating if it does not work. It is also possible that you get fine prints, but that you know you can do better. Since I have encountered many problems while setting up my printer and have done anything to optimize the printers, I can help you to make the most out of it.

How it works

  •      Make a video of your printer. Put all parts on film when the printer is printing.
  •      Send the video via whatsapp on the number 0612345678
  •      I watch your video and indicate if I can help you
  •      We schedule a video call appointment, in which I explain what to do and help you on your way
  •      You are provided with tips and solutions and you can get started for a better result!

What does it cost

  •          €30 a hour (in most cases I solve the problem(s) in one hour)

Step 1

Make a video

Step 2

Send me the video by whatsapp to 0612345678

Step 3

During the video call I help you with your printer