Product designs from Pilot Engineering let you transform your innovative ideas into complete product design in SolidWorks, including all CAD files and image quality renders.  

For who?

  • Productdesign for SMEs and start-ups
  • Youtubers and makers with ambition
  • Companies looking fo innovative and cost effective solutions and new process designs

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Why Pilot Engineering?

  • Close contact with the customer during the complete design process
  • Designed for manufacturing from the start, ensuring that the product is easy and cheap to make
  • Small scale prototype samples, to improve the quality and reduce the overall time of the design process
  • Reliable manufacturing partners for prototyping or final production
  • Process and product improvement of excisting products
  • SolidWorks 2019 Premium CAD & CAM software
  • Flexible hours and communication and short lead time
  • Renders and video updates during the design process